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Cashmere Socks - The Cashmere Sock

Cashmere socks are a great treat for your feet in the chilly winter months. These socks are a luxury item because they are made of cashmere which is a very exquisite kind of wool. The cashmere wool is obtained from the Cashmere goat that inhabits Mongolia, India, Afghanistan, parts of Russia and Iran. Cashmere socks are made with only the finest, durable, light and soft fibers of the goat fleece making them very warm as well as comfortable to wear. Check out great offers on Cashmere socks over at Amazon - Click here

Natural cashmere wool comes in shades of white, grey and brown. However today you can find dyed cashmere socks in stores available in a wide spectrum of colors such as black, derby, purple, blue and regal red. Brands provide 100% pure cashmere socks as well as cashmere blend socks that have besides cashmere, materials like wool, viscose and polyamide. While the 100% natural cashmere socks are more fragile and expensive than those blended with synthetic fibers, these pure cashmere socks are certainly a symbol of luxury and style.

Cashmere socks’ durability can be raised by taking special care while cleaning them. They should never be machine washed or put in the dryer. They should be gently hand washed with fine-fabric soap and not with detergent.

Cashmere socks match well with both casual and formal wear and lend an air of class and elegance to your appearance. Being light and soft, they are very comfortable to wear even when you are very active. These socks are greatly preferred by hikers, skaters, skiers and hunters especially in winter. Their insulation abilities keep the feet warm and dry as well. Hence they are also a great option as bed socks.

They are available in stores in various lengths and styles for men and women. A good pair of cashmere socks should contain a minimum of 200 gms of cashmere to provide the unique benefits of the fiber. This means at least 80% of the socks’ material must be cashmere. Cashmere socks are quite expensive because the cashmere is not available in abundance. A cashmere goat takes a year to produce the material needed to make a pair of cashmere socks. These exotic socks definitely make a great choice as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.